Our Philosophy

Our culture in one word: Support

We are a gym full of friends and family who support all your movements. We applaud you when you succeed. We encourage you when you have doubts. We motivate you when you fight. We pick you up when you fall, we tell you to try again. We are people who want to be close to you.

Our mission: To reach your maximum potential

CrossFit Lanzarote offers a unique school for all social classes, age, sex, nationality, race, creed or political ideas. No matter if you are young, old, new, big, small, tall, skillful, or inexperienced – we pull from multiple training philosophies, bringing out the best in everyone in order to deliver a part of a typical program. The goal of our training is to provide the healthiest, most efficient results possible. However, our training offers much more than speed, endurance, strength, muscle growth and fat loss. We are more than just a team planning your workouts. Training always promises to be challenging, unique and creative in a way that serves as a spark of inspiration for our athletes. When athletes finish each session, they learn something about themselves and feel invigorated, realizing how much they can really accomplish. The training at CrossFit Lanzarote develops the physical and mental endurance of each athlete, allowing the person to reach their maximum potential in all aspects of life.

Our motto: Challenge your limits!

Whatever your role in life, once you become part of the CrossFit Lanzarote community you will become an athlete. Everyone at CrossFit Lanzarote is treated equally. Any athlete can (and should) ask for help about anything they feel or believe we can help them. We are just an email, text, phone call, or tap over the shoulder away.

Our conviction: For everyone

Everyone can and should pursue health and fitness. We are proud to be a Box “for the people” where anyone can improve and develop their fitness. Our program is based on the adaptation of training for each athlete, in order to improve the quality of life in some cases, lose weight in others, reach elite levels or help you achieve any goal or challenge that you have set for yourself.

Our Rule: Hello my name is ____

From the day you start the CrossFit program all Coaches will know your name, your goals and limitations. You will create bonds with the other members of the classes, meet people of all kinds and be part of this great community.