What do we offer?

At CrossFit Lanzarote we offer a CrossFit program designed to challenge, motivate and encourage our members. Each class is instructed by a trainer, lasts one hour and consists of a warm-up, detailed instructions for a new movement (skill or technique), the day’s workout (WOD) and concludes with a series of stretches.

Who can participate in our training group? EVERYONE!

Our group classes consist of: grandmothers, firefighters, lifeguards, mothers, teenagers, doctors, lawyers, athletes, bankers, the sedentary, the overweight person, young people, children… All of them!

Come and try our routine of the day. Classes are not exclusive to any level of experience or physical condition. Remember that all CrossFit workouts are universally adaptable, which means grandma Mavi can train alongside firefighters like Esteban or Tirso.

gimnasio Crossfit Lanzarote